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About the Gameplay

Hover Cubes Arena (also called Hover Cubes X or HCX) is a competitive first person multiplayer online jump’n’run on a new level: use your skills to perform wall-jumps or double-jumps. Use the hovering cubes with their different abilities and combinations as you make your way through fast paced levels, overcome abysses and avoid dangerous traps.

Be faster than your opponents, block their ways with activated barricades, raise the global highscore and be better than all the other players. Participate in globally broadcasted tournaments on your own or in a team or become a spectating fan of your favorite team.


The player is able to fire different types of projectiles. Depending on the surfaces they hit, they have different effects.
We differentiate between three types of ‘surface’: Hover Cubes, others players (subdivided into: teammates and opponents) and everything else.
If a projectile hits…

  • … a Hover Cube it will spawn a cube, that will be attached to them. It will also spawn holograms around with special traits.
  • … a other players it will buff or debuff them depending if they are your teammates or your opponents
  • … everything else, e.g. walls, stones, stone walls, statues, roots and so on … the projectile will spawn just a cube. With no energy, they will fall down. But maybe this is also useful… may-be..

red projectile

Red De/Buff

If the red projectile hits a teammate he will get buffed and will be able to jump higher. But if an opponent is hit by the projectile, he/she will get debuffed and won’t be able to jump for a few seconds.

yellow projectile

Yellow De/Buff

If the yellow projectile hits a teammate and/or an oppent he/she will be knocked back.

green projectile

Green De/Buff

If the green projectile hits a teammate he/she will get buffed and will be speed up. But if an opponent is hit by the projectile, he/she will get debuffed and will be slowed down for a few seconds.

blue projectile

Blue De/Buff

If the blue projectile hits a teammate and/or an oppent he/she will be frozen for a short time, but will get an additionell air-jump.

Jelly Cube

The Jelly Cube creates a platform of holographic cubes, which functions as a trampoline and allows the player to jump much higher than normal.

Norm Cube

The Norm Cube creates a small platform of holograms to bypass a possibly difficult landing on a single Hover Cube.

Bridge Cube

The Bridge Cube creates a long bridge of holographic cubes, which enables the player to pass huge chasms disregarding any height differences.

Platform Cube

The Platform Cube creates holographic platforms, which elevated upwards and enable the player to reach places located high up inside the levels.

Traps and Barriers

Visible and hidden obstacles await the participants in the old ruins. Buried spear traps in the ground, “bone-crushing” boulders, moving walls and many other ancient obstructions and contraptions can be found in each level. Additionally there are also new and highly modern traps giving the competitors a hard time and ensuring the tournaments stay exciting.

Parkour Elements