RPC feedback

Oh my god! The last month was so awesome! We were part of the biggest gathering for roleplay, cosplay, fantasy and similar stuff – the RolePlayConvention in cologne! Two days full of awesome people, doing awesome stuff while being awesome and having fun! It was so incredible to be a part of the “world of nerds”- booth thanks to Andre Kuschel and his great team!



Together with the three other indie-teams from the newly formed indie-division of Deck13, we were allowed to present our game at the booth. On different gaming stations, visitors were able to play the other Deck13 indie-division games and a special RPC-Version of Hover Cubes X.


The feedback was truly amazing. We had a huge number of different players and a lot of them came to play twice or even more often to check if their names could still be found on the highscore list. Thanks to all the awesome people who made the RPC possible!


Static Levels

As a result of our RPC-feedback analysis, we decided to create a new addition to the features of Hover Cubes X – the so called “static level”.



What is the main difference between the static levels and the other ones?

As we told you in our first and second devblog we’ve created a level-generating-system to generate millions of different levels, in which you can train your skills and have fun with or against other players. With your generated seeds you can play those same maps again and again.

Static-levels are a little bit different. Surprise: they are predefined and not random generated. This means a lot of extra work for us, because we want you to have as much fun as possible in those static levels.


Why did we decide to make those static levels, even if it means a lot of extra work for us?

We had a special predefined map for the RPC with us and the people had so much fun fighting for the best highscore in this particular map. With those static levels we will be able to present some special challenges for you – our fans. And you will be able to compare your score with your friends and all other players worldwide! We hope some speedrunners will discover the new static maps and battle each other for the best highscore and the fastest time.



Graphics Options

To ensure that even people with older PCs can play and enjoy Hover Cubes X, we added more graphics options to our menu. At the moment we are also reworking the interface and the whole UI. We’ll show the finished rework next month. In the meantime, enjoy this little teaser.



Ludo ergo sum