All hands on deck!

Visitors at Deck13 … the team of Gametology with their game “Hover Cubes X”!

7th of may, 5:00am, the alarm clock rings. Time to get up. Not the normal time for us to get up, but this also wasn’t a normal day. We had a very important date with our friends and partners from Deck13 – god, we love you guys… really.

After a stressful nearly 5h journey to Frankfurt we happily and finally arrived at the headquarter of Deck13, where we met Jan Klose the creative director, Marco Suess the PR & marketing manager and other awesome guys from Deck13. Together we had an important meeting and discussed the further way we’ll go together to let Hover Cubes X become an amazing game for all of you. For all of us.


Role Play Convention

The Role Play Convention in cologne is one of the biggest events for roleplayers, fans of larp, fantasy and good mead ( ;) ) in germany. This year we have the honor to show Hover Cubes X next to three other awesome indie games at the World of Nerds and Deck13 booth.

As a RPC-special, visitors can play a tutorial level and compare their skills with the new implemented highscore board. Come and join us at the RPC and beat the record!



We also added some new stuff for this RPC Version. For example some decoration in our lounge. RPC and world of nerds banners.



We finished our Match Maker. You can now create new matches or join existing matches. Choose between different gamemodes, change the number of players, decide how long the level should be and set a seed for your level.





With the RPC-Version we also improved the controller support.



Ludo ergo sum