Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world.

In the current phase of development we are going to improve the gameplay itself. We will add new gamemodes, esports related things, new traps, new gamemechanics and other cool stuff.
Recently, we finished the new leversystem. Now some traps are going to have “leverplates” linked to them. When you activate or deactivate the levers the traps will change their behavior – e.g. slowing down or freezing – so it is going to be easier to pass them. But be careful: traps can be reactivated by your opponents.




One game to bind them, four PCs to bring them fun

A couple of days after we posted our DevBlog #3 (15.03.), we were allowed to show “Hover Cubes X” at the “Werksschau” at the Mediadesign Academy (MDH) in Duesseldorf (19.03.). This is an event, where alumni from the MD.H could show their projects. We got ourselves four PCs, where visitors were able to play the horizontal run-mode from Hover Cubes X for the first time in public.

After and during the event we got overwhelming feedback. Among others, Thomas Vogel, who is a lecturer for 3D-Art at the Mediadesign Academy, was visibly impressed and gave us some advice on how we could further improve the game. Thanks Thomas and all the other “testers” :)

You can find more pictures from this event on our facebook page.


DB4_CD Chris


With heightmaps up to a new level

We polished our textures with new heightmaps to ensure that they got more depth and improve the quality of our whole graphical style.




Other awesome stuff

Currently, we are working very hard on improving the whole project. We have a lot of new stuff we want to add to Hover Cubes X. The new “vertical runmode” and the “arenamode” are so much fun to play. We hope you will enjoy all the stuff, when you’ll be able to play it. SOON!


Ludo ergo sum