New suit design

After switching from UDK to UE4 in august last year, we also decided to change our graphic style. First of all, we changed our textures and materials for all meshes. And after this we had to change the style of our characters… so we are proud to show you the new suits.



Green thumb

Only a few hours before posting this DevBlog #3 we finished the operation “green thumb”. Under this title we reworked all level parts and added a huge number – up to 600 – of new plants per part. Why? Cause it looks awesome! Special thanks at this place to all the guys and girls at Allegorithmic.




“What is this?” – “A blue light.” – “What does it do?” – “It shines blue!”

We completed a certain number of different level parts and spent some time improving the visual state of our levels. We added some particle systems for fog and mist above the plants and for our projector hologram in the middle of the lounge. Other effects, which we added are crumbling dirt, dropping water and lovely fireflies.




UI remake

Some technical problems forced us to cancel the development of our 3D-UI. We had to replace it with “just” a 2D, but still awesome looking UI. You can see, “keep it simple” was the motto for the development.





To ensure, that our player always have the latest version of HCX we added a launcher to our to-do-list and finished it several days ago. The launcher will show you the news about HCX, will patch your game on the newest version and after you logged in, you will be able to connect to our servers and play from them.



Ludo ergo sum