Before we start with the 2nd devblog we have a scientific proof, why 2015 is going to be a great year.

Why 2015 gonna be a good year.

The sheer number you have to take adventage of. 20 is already awesome in principle, because even and a whole tens digit. 15 … well 5 is yes half a decade, representing half of 10 to 20 … there we have again the 20. That is, if we step on the gas, 2020 is more awesome and maybe we live even ‘till 2.222. Would not that be great?!

In addition, 8 is the cross total from 2015 and if you divide 8 by 2 you get 4, so 42… and 42 is the ‘Meaning of Life’!


Seed implemented

Every random generated map, you’ll play will have its own special seed. With this seed you are now able to play maps again and train your skills.


Points, Points everywhere – no, no dalmatian!

Be faster, be better, get the highscore. We implemented some more ways to gain points into our levelparts. You saw a trap and managed to get past it? Nice! Take these points! You’ve finished a part? Nice! Take these points! Oh, you finished the part without any resets? Well done, have some more points! You collected a pickup? Oh yeah, more points!


Hover Cubes X becomes dangerous

We added some traps and new barriers to ensure that running through the levels doesn’t become boring. Be sure and stay curious for other, more complicated traps will follow. ;)




We finished a bunch of new parts for our LGS (LevelGeneratingSystem). With every part the number of possible levels grows in an insane way, cause LGS will randomly combine these parts with our still existing parts and so the number of possible generated levels increases exponentially.




When you enter a match you’ll spawn on the newly designed crystal-island. The big screens on the island will show some facts about the levels, your opponents or other interesting stuff.



Ludo ergo sum