DevBlog #6 – “Ready… static… GO!!!”

RPC feedback Oh my god! The last month was so awesome! We were part of the biggest gathering for roleplay, cosplay, fantasy and similar stuff – the RolePlayConvention in cologne! Two days full of awesome people, doing awesome stuff while being awesome and having fun! It was so incredible to be a part of the “world of nerds”- booth thanks to Andre Kuschel and his great team!   Together with the three other indie-teams from the newly formed indie-division of Deck13, we were allowed to present our game at the booth. On different gaming stations, visitors were able to play the other Deck13 indie-division games and a special RPC-Version of Hover Cubes X. The feedback was truly amazing. We had a huge number of different players and a lot of them came to play twice or even more often to check if their names could still be found on the highscore list. Thanks to all the awesome people who made the RPC possible!   Static Levels As a result of our RPC-feedback analysis, we decided to create a new addition to the features of Hover Cubes X – the so called “static level”.   What is the main difference between the static levels and the other ones? As we told you in our first and second devblog we’ve created a level-generating-system to generate millions of different levels, in which you can train your skills and have fun with or against other players. With your generated seeds you can play those same maps again and again. Static-levels are a little bit different. Surprise: they are predefined and not random generated.... read more

DevBlog #5 – “All hands on deck!”

All hands on deck! Visitors at Deck13 … the team of Gametology with their game “Hover Cubes X”! 7th of may, 5:00am, the alarm clock rings. Time to get up. Not the normal time for us to get up, but this also wasn’t a normal day. We had a very important date with our friends and partners from Deck13 – god, we love you guys… really. After a stressful nearly 5h journey to Frankfurt we happily and finally arrived at the headquarter of Deck13, where we met Jan Klose the creative director, Marco Suess the PR & marketing manager and other awesome guys from Deck13. Together we had an important meeting and discussed the further way we’ll go together to let Hover Cubes X become an amazing game for all of you. For all of us.   Role Play Convention The Role Play Convention in cologne is one of the biggest events for roleplayers, fans of larp, fantasy and good mead ( ;) ) in germany. This year we have the honor to show Hover Cubes X next to three other awesome indie games at the World of Nerds and Deck13 booth. As a RPC-special, visitors can play a tutorial level and compare their skills with the new implemented highscore board. Come and join us at the RPC and beat the record!   We also added some new stuff for this RPC Version. For example some decoration in our lounge. RPC and world of nerds banners.   We finished our Match Maker. You can now create new matches or join existing matches. Choose between different gamemodes, change the number... read more

DevBlog #4 – “Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world.”

Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world. In the current phase of development we are going to improve the gameplay itself. We will add new gamemodes, esports related things, new traps, new gamemechanics and other cool stuff. Recently, we finished the new leversystem. Now some traps are going to have “leverplates” linked to them. When you activate or deactivate the levers the traps will change their behavior – e.g. slowing down or freezing – so it is going to be easier to pass them. But be careful: traps can be reactivated by your opponents.     One game to bind them, four PCs to bring them fun A couple of days after we posted our DevBlog #3 (15.03.), we were allowed to show “Hover Cubes X” at the “Werksschau” at the Mediadesign Academy (MDH) in Duesseldorf (19.03.). This is an event, where alumni from the MD.H could show their projects. We got ourselves four PCs, where visitors were able to play the horizontal run-mode from Hover Cubes X for the first time in public. After and during the event we got overwhelming feedback. Among others, Thomas Vogel, who is a lecturer for 3D-Art at the Mediadesign Academy, was visibly impressed and gave us some advice on how we could further improve the game. Thanks Thomas and all the other “testers” :) You can find more pictures from this event on our facebook page.   With heightmaps up to a new level We polished our textures with new heightmaps to ensure that they got more depth and improve the quality of... read more

DevBlog #3 – “The Emperor’s New Clothes”

New suit design After switching from UDK to UE4 in august last year, we also decided to change our graphic style. First of all, we changed our textures and materials for all meshes. And after this we had to change the style of our characters… so we are proud to show you the new suits.   Green thumb Only a few hours before posting this DevBlog #3 we finished the operation “green thumb”. Under this title we reworked all level parts and added a huge number – up to 600 – of new plants per part. Why? Cause it looks awesome! Special thanks at this place to all the guys and girls at Allegorithmic.   “What is this?” – “A blue light.” – “What does it do?” – “It shines blue!” We completed a certain number of different level parts and spent some time improving the visual state of our levels. We added some particle systems for fog and mist above the plants and for our projector hologram in the middle of the lounge. Other effects, which we added are crumbling dirt, dropping water and lovely fireflies.   UI remake Some technical problems forced us to cancel the development of our 3D-UI. We had to replace it with “just” a 2D, but still awesome looking UI. You can see, “keep it simple” was the motto for the development.   Launcher To ensure, that our player always have the latest version of HCX we added a launcher to our to-do-list and finished it several days ago. The launcher will show you the news about HCX, will patch your game on... read more

DevBlog #2 – “seed and crop”

Before we start with the 2nd devblog we have a scientific proof, why 2015 is going to be a great year. Why 2015 gonna be a good year. The sheer number you have to take adventage of. 20 is already awesome in principle, because even and a whole tens digit. 15 … well 5 is yes half a decade, representing half of 10 to 20 … there we have again the 20. That is, if we step on the gas, 2020 is more awesome and maybe we live even ‘till 2.222. Would not that be great?! In addition, 8 is the cross total from 2015 and if you divide 8 by 2 you get 4, so 42… and 42 is the ‘Meaning of Life’!   Seed implemented Every random generated map, you’ll play will have its own special seed. With this seed you are now able to play maps again and train your skills.   Points, Points everywhere – no, no dalmatian! Be faster, be better, get the highscore. We implemented some more ways to gain points into our levelparts. You saw a trap and managed to get past it? Nice! Take these points! You’ve finished a part? Nice! Take these points! Oh, you finished the part without any resets? Well done, have some more points! You collected a pickup? Oh yeah, more points!   Hover Cubes X becomes dangerous We added some traps and new barriers to ensure that running through the levels doesn’t become boring. Be sure and stay curious for other, more complicated traps will follow. ;)   Parts We finished a bunch of new parts for our... read more

DevBlog #1 – “one year gametology”

tl;dr We had a student team. We founded a little gamedev studio. We had a great idea for a game. We started working on it. We changed many things, created new features and made older ones better. 2015 is going to be a great year!   This is our first devblog. From now on we will show you what we did and how far we got with Hover Cubes X in a monthly DevBlog post. In this first post we will show you the progress we made in the last year. Enjoy it! A new year has already started. For us our first year of developing our game Hover Cubes X went by. A lot of things have happened and a lot of things have changed. Following a relatively successful student project four out of nine members of our team decided it’s time to get serious (just a joke, we are not that serious, but you know what I mean..), so we’ve founded our own indie dev team – Gametology.   The Beginning We started with some experience from our student projects and some know-how we’ve gained while working together. We also had this great idea for a game, based on the student project – Hover Cubes. HC was a first-person-puzzle-jump’n’run with nice looking levels and cool cube-based gameplay mechanics. The player had different cubes with different features, which could be placed in the levels to overcome different types of barriers and traps. We had a lot of fun jumping around in our own levels, but this wasn’t enough. We thought about a possible multiplayer mode, because some alpha-testers... read more

“The X marks the treasure point”

After announcing the founding of our little indie dev team and the rush to 100 likes – thanks everyone – we want to show you some screenshots from our current project. With these screenshots we also announce the rework of our student project “Hover Cubes” on which we worked with other fellow students. During the next weeks, we will change some gameplay mechanics, the graphics and a lot of other stuff to bring “Hover Cubes” to a totally different level. And now I am proud to present you the first four screenshots from Hover Cubes X.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ludo ergo... read more

Here we are..

Finally we are able to reveal our indie team and the “new” website. We are Gametology. On our website and facebook page you’ll find all the information about us, our projects and important dates e.g. livestreams or other events! We want to thank all the people who helped us to get here. Especially our former team mates from “Nerdy Cat”, all of our fellow students, Prof. Dr. Linda Breitlauch, Prof. Christof Rezk-Salama, Thomas Hummes and Thomas Vogel and all the others who we might have missed.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ludo ergo... read more